Our contemporary menu with eclectic Caribbean and Latin American cuisine is inspired by traditional recipes from tropical places in the West Indies region and Latin American region, such as Cuba, the Netherlands Antilles, Jamaica, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago.

The Caribbean Housewife presents soups, which are vegan and made with mostly organic or biodynamic produce. Caribbean soup is a hearty affair. The soup dishes are often rich and seasoned with fresh herbs like thyme. There is no thin broth and the soup is not a “boring” first course. Instead, our soup is the star of the menu and the highlight of your day! Examples are the ‘Surinaamse Dame’, a creamy Surinamese peanut soup with plantain, ‘Take me to Trinidad & Tobago’, a cassava corn chowder, or the ‘Caribbean Queen’ a zesty carrot ginger soup with cashew nuts. Next to unique soups we make vegetarian and vegan dishes, such as delicious salads, pão de quejio, empanadas, jackfruit, pupusas, plantain, and desserts.

For those who want healthy home-made meals like our ‘Husmors Lasagne’, ‘Mac ‘n Cheese’, and ‘Chili sin Carne’.

Our unique dinner events with natural wine pairings and vegetarian / vegan dishes. For the omnivores we offer options such as ‘Jerk Chicken’ or ‘Chicken ‘n Waffles’ on the menu. The last dish is also made in a vegan version with jackfruit. From November 10, there is a separate take-away menu for the fall/winter period. Catch us at our new location on Sønder Boulevard 53 in Vesterbro.


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Love Potion No. 9 – Beetroot Coconut Soup
By Nicolai Mørk for Mad & Venner


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