“Being an artist and curator myself, presenting art is an essential element of The Caribbean Housewife, but also a way to show art by female contemporary artists, who give an eye-opening view on black art, visual culture, diaspora, diversity, identity, and intersectional feminism.”

‘SAY IT LOUD!’ by Jeannette Ehlers (2016)
Publication by Nemo
ISBN: 9788792880093


How to use local plant based ingredients – including fruit, vegetables, and flowers – as a basis for creative cooking and as an art form itself? Can plants, fruits, and vegetables replace the traditional flower vase arrangement in a more sustainable and contemporary way? How does the sustainable flower arrangement of the future look like? […]

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“We don’t want any crap in our wine!” Natural wine producer Francesca Padovani is clear. And so are many other natural growers around the world. Natural wine producers defy modern winemaking and return to artisanal methods. They make wine without additives, without stripping it from its soul with filtration or fining. The natural wine movement […]

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WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Archive Page for our KULTURHAVN FESTIVAL past event with author Lesley-Ann Brown (Blackgirl on Mars) on August 28. Moderator for the event was curator Malou Solfjeld. Location Knippelsbro / Under the bridge Rosforth & Rosforth Knippelsbrogade 10 1409 København K I AM A PERSON, NOT A PLACE Participants were asked to […]

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“I’m massively inspired by the strength and the legacies of my grandparents, particularly my grandmothers who were part of the Windrush generation. The more I learn about their lives, the more I become inspired to work hard. I’m also extremely proud of my heritage and I find the theories surrounding cultural identity fascinating. Those themes […]

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“The Kitchen Table Series depicts the battle around the family . . . monogamy . . . and between the sexes.” Carrie Mae Weems (United States) is the fourth artist at The Caribbean Housewife. We presented her ‘Kitchen Table Series’: the first publication dedicated solely to this early and important body of work by the American […]

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“I work from a place of freedom, because everything is possible in my surreal paper world.” Ilse Gijsberts (the Netherlands) is the second artist to present her work at The Caribbean Housewife. Her surrealist collages tell intriguing stories about dreams and universal human emotions, such as fear, frustration, love, and hope. She makes her work […]

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“Based on my own Danish West Indian background, I examine and process themes related to the transatlantic slave trade that, despite the predominant collective repression, still play an important part in our society. My work is a personal taking history to task and a protest against the suppression of and often ignorant attitude towards these […]

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