THE CARIBBEAN HOUSEWIFE serves Hot Soul Soup and Slow Fast Food in Copenhagen (DK). Our Caribbean and Latin inspired cuisine is paired with natural wine from remarkable female winemakers. We were fully booked for the HOUSEWIFE ROAST on September 15, so we added a new booking date for September 29 with JuJu-Man Sound! This is our last dinner event at Spisehuset, so make sure to come!

The Caribbean Housewife x Spisehuset
by Rebecca Fexby

Seating for the HOUSEWIFE ROAST is limited and must be reserved online (not by phone or social media), so make sure to book ahead! There is currently no take-away available.

Company gathering, film set, fashion event, vernissage, album release, wedding, birthday, Casual Friday, lunch, dinner, picnic, julefrokost, or you name it? We will gladly help you to make it an unforgettable occasion and are available for catering and events all year round! Ask us for a tailor-made solution!
The present-day housewife is an art form. It is someone who takes care of her family, friends, and community through healthy food and loving care. Housewives (and housemen for that matter) are very much needed in our current society, where people are always in a hurry. Eating unhealthy nutrition is almost unavoidable, because the choice is often limited when you are pressed for time. The Caribbean Housewife provides nourishing and delightful food options in stressful times.
Next to uplifting food and drinks, there is inspiring music such as afro-beat, calypso, latin jazz, salsa, samba, dancehall, and reggae, as well as art by female contemporary artists, who give an eye-opening view on black art, visual culture, diaspora, identity, and intersectional feminism.
The Caribbean Housewife is a place where you can slow down, get honest, healthy, and delicious food, listen to great music, and have a chat. We want you to leave with a smile on your face.
Give your loved one, family, colleague, or neighbor the perfect gift: a delicious and healthy meal served with a warm smile from The Caribbean Housewife. You can buy it at the soup bar or order a gift card online. You can either pick up the gift card at our shop, or let us know in the “order notes” if you want the card to be sent (additional postage costs will be added).
See our FAQ page or send us a mail.

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