No. we make pão de queijo, but are not from Brazil.
No. We make soup that is inspired by certain Surinamese dishes such as saoto and peanut soup, but we are not from Surinam.
The company owner Jamain Brigitha was born in the Dutch-Caribbean, on Curaçao to be precise. She lived on Sint Maarten until she was 7 years old, but has lived in the Netherlands for the most part of her life.
We make dishes that are inspired by traditional recipes from tropical places in the Latin American and West Indies region, such as Cuba, the Netherlands Antilles, Jamaica, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago. However, The Caribbean Housewife menu is contemporary, has its own signature, and includes ingredients that can be found in Scandinavia, for instance, roots, pumpkins, squash, sea buckthorn, and edible flowers.
We make different types of dishes and Hot Soul Soups, ranging from sweet (e.g. LOVE POTION NO. 9, beet root soup) to mild (e.g. PICK ME UP, PUMPKIN, pumpkin soup) to more spicy / salty (e.g. SURINAAMSE DAME, peanut soup and THE KID IS NOT MY SON, saoto soup). The really hot spices such as chili are added at the last moment, when we serve the soup, and only when you want it. We always ask if you want extra chili in your dish.
Yes! Our dishes are suitable for children, and once they get over the hurdle or the thought of veggies, they love the soups. We have noticed that when parents eat plant based / vegetarian / vegan, it is even easier for kids to like our soups. Kids especially love our corn bread or pão de queijo. Who doesn't?!
The Caribbean Housewife menu is vegan friendly. We do not use meat, fish, or animal protein in our vegan dishes. We do not use products such as soy or palm oil. We use organic olive oil from Sicily and organic coconut milk from Vietnam, which has not been picked by monkeys. Many coconut products from Thailand are generated by abusing monkeys. Read more here or inform yourself with this (shocking) video. The dishes that are not vegan are our pão de queijo. Even our lasagne and mac ‘n cheese can be ordered vegan with two days pre-order in advance. Only occasionally we make dishes such as Jerk Chicken or Chicken ‘n Waffles by pre-order for our guests or catering. The last dish is also made in a vegan version with jackfruit.
We make our own vegan cheese for certain dishes like vegan lasagne, vegan mac 'n cheese and vegan cheese cake. For others, like the pão de queijo for instance, it is not possible to make it vegan due to the cooking process.
No. We only use products in their "pure" form and make most things from scratch. So, you will not find (highly processed / store bought) vegan hotdogs or hamburgers at The Caribbean Housewife.
Yes! Most of our dishes are gluten free. Even the pão de queijo, which is made from tapioca flower. A few dishes like our empanadas contain gluten. If so, it is clearly indicated on our menu.
Most of our dishes are lactose free, except the pão de queijo and vegetarian lasagne, which contains cheese. We use our own homemade plantbased milk to make the Brazilian cheese breads.
Wherever possible, we use organic or biodynamic products, as well as products from Denmark and local organic farms, such as Seerupgaard. We are proud of our 100% natural wine menu from organic and biodynamic winemakers. Certain "true" Caribbean vegetables like okra for instance, cannot be found organic in Denmark (yet). However, they are still healthy for you. It's all about balance.
Yes! We use special biodegradable soup cups, lids, and spoons that can even be used as compost in your garden.
We have "hygge" seating possibilities. You can reserve your table for the HOUSEWIFE ROAST. We only have dine-in options during our dinner events. Groups (minimal 8 guests) can send a reservation request for pre-paid bookings in our private dining room through our contact form (available bookings from March).
Yes, we do! You can send us a request through the CATERING page. We reply within 24 business hours!
Yes, we can! You can send us a request through the CATERING page. We reply within 24 business hours!


Jamain Brigitha – The Caribbean Housewife
by Aia Elbke Christensen