How to use local plant based ingredients – including fruit, vegetables, and flowers – as a basis for creative cooking and as an art form itself?
Can plants, fruits, and vegetables replace the traditional flower vase arrangement in a more sustainable and contemporary way?
How does the sustainable flower arrangement of the future look like?

During Copenhagen Cooking, The Caribbean Housewife teamed up with Tableau at Kitchen Collective to address the significant aspects of food waste and sustainability by using organic, seasonal, and local farm products. Tableau created a site-specific art installation for a series of social and interactive dinner events prepared by The Caribbean Housewife. By using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients to its fullest, we assure a circle is completed and nothing is wasted.

The installation was made from seasonal, locally sourced fruit and vegetable plants at different stages of growth, supplied by √ėkoskabet, Seerupgaard and Refarmed. Danish plants such as tomato, cucumber, and courgette with vibrant green leaves and beautiful flowers were placed in the Kitchen Collective space. The installation formed a ‘nature morte’ inspired art work, going beyond pure decor or ornamentation, being fully functional and used for our sustenance. It served as a spontaneous and improvisational assignment for The Caribbean Housewife to make a creative and delightful plant based dinner. It also permitted the guests to pick the colorful fruit and vegetables during the dinner events.
The dinner consisted of 6 courses and was paired with local, Danish organic wines from Nina and Niels Fink – Vejrh√łj Ving√•rd.

Slagtehusgade 11A
1715 K√łbenhavn V
Project: Waste Not, Want Not
Installation Design: Tableau, Julius Værnes Iversen and Marie Arnette
Concept and Curator: Jamain Brigitha
Commissioner: The Caribbean Housewife
Chefs: Jamain Brigitha and Emiliano Trebbi
Facilitator and Location: Kitchen Collective
Suppliers: √ėkoskabet, Seerupgaard, Refarmed and Vejrh√łj Ving√•rd
Photography: Agnes Saaby Thomsen