“Where am I from?

I am from the thousand lakes in Finland.
From the sultry air in Lisbon.
From the canals in Amsterdam and Copenhagen.
From the lagunes in Venice.
From the white sandy beaches in Bahia, Salvador.
From Kleine Knip on Curaçao.
From Simpson Bay on Sint Maarten.
I am from Lemuria.
I am from everywhere there is water.
I am from everywhere and nowhere.
I am a mermaid.
I am an extraterrestrial starseed.
The place where my earth mother pushed me out of her womb, does not define who I am.
Stop asking that question.
It’s not the answer to what you’re looking for.
You want to know who I am by pinpointing a geographical place of birth, but it should not even matter.
Spirit brought me here to heal and take care of you through my cooking and food.
Nothing more nothing less.
That’s all there is to accept.

Esa Ylijaasko (Finland, August 2012)

Originally published on instagram
November 25, 2019