“The Pink Tax is not actually a tax but rather a system of discriminatory pricing on products and services that is based on gender. The Pink Tax costs the average woman $1,300 a year and impacts all aspects of daily life from shopping to dry cleaning.”
– Meredith Hoffman

Pink tax refers to extra charges placed on products and services directed towards women. Take razor blades, for instance. The products for women are more expensive than the male versions.

Marketeers use the term: “pink it and shrink it”. Just put it in a pink or feminine looking packaging and make it smaller, then add a higher price. Furthermore, products like tampons are considered “luxury products”.

Gender pricing already starts at a very young age, where baby products for girls are more expensive than the ones for boys. At the same time, women in general have lower salaries than men. So not only do women pay more, they have less to spend. 

On Ax The Pink Tax you can calculate how much you have been charged in this regard. In my case, it’s this insane amount!

Although some politicians are trying to break this sneaky way of selling things, it’s good to be aware next time you’re in the supermarket or store to get your basic necessities. You can thank me later!

Ashley Lukashevsky

Ax The Pink Tax

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Originally published on instagram
April 8, 2019