“Imagine being born on colonialized island territory with a heavy slavery past. Then growing up in the very same country that colonialized (read: hijacked) your land, your history, your ancestral lineage, your voice, and your identity. And therefore, also your future.

That country is not only still not free of racism, many of its citizens deny that racism is a problem: “We are a tolerant country and everybody has equal chances. You just have to grab them.”

Yet, this tolerant country still proudly carries and flaunts its racist symbols on their regal artefacts in front of your face. Every year. Set in gold.

And it’s not something that’s going away soon, because this “golden carriage” was just renovated for 1,2 million euros. All in the name of sacred history and cultural traditions.

If it’s a symbol, it’s one of clear institutionalized racism. I can’t.

I gave this painful example of racism that is close to home. Worldwide, there is still a long way to go, before actual changes have been made towards a more equal society. What is your example?