“Many Cultures
One Country
One People”

– Saint Maarten

Born on Curaçao, but growing up on Sint Maarten (and later the Netherlands), being around many cultures and nationalities, was how I was brought up.

My first friend in life was Georgette and I can still remember the warmth of our friendship. It was never about the color of our skin. We simply just liked each other. We loved playing and laughing together. What more does one need?

In this day and age, racism is revealed like never before. Yet, it’s still treated more like a philosophical debate and not enough as an actual daily reoccurring problem.

We have to remember that We Are One.
We should make sure that the ongoing discussions do not lead to more polarization between white / colored / black.
Call any person out who’s racist, no matter the color of their skin.
At the same time, cherish the friendships that you have and make more connections with people outside your safe bubble.

What active steps can you take to make this world a better place?

One Love, Your Housewife

Sint Maarten, Dutch Antilles (1976)