“I started cooking at a very young age. Preparing food has always been an important part of my creative life and a way to connect with others.”

Jamain Brigitha, is an artist, curator, and creative entrepreneur who realises projects and events worldwide. She has Dutch-Caribbean roots and was born on Curaçao. She lived on Sint Maarten until she was 7 years old, where after she moved to the Netherlands: “Both the Netherlands and Denmark have brutal and depressing winters. There are many successful soup places in Amsterdam, but I noticed that there are almost none in Copenhagen, and especially not with Caribbean or Latin inspired food. For a long time, it has been my dream to start a soup bar. Through the collaboration with Siciliansk Is this dream can now come true. With The Caribbean Housewife, I hope to bring some brightness and happiness during the grey Danish winter.”

Jamain Brigitha, Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles 1974)

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