During Copenhagen Cooking, you will have the opportunity to attend a special edition of the popular HOUSEWIFE ROAST with natural wine pairings from women producers.

This time, the spotlight is on Claudine Lteif and Michelle Chami from Heya Wines (Lebanon). Both winemakers share a passion for natural wine and ancestral winemaking techniques. The name Heya means ‘She’ in Arabic and represents an appreciation for the often invisible women who work hard in a male-dominated industry.

Heya Wines produces natural, non-fined, non-filtered wines with minimal sulfur and low intervention. Inspired by their wines, the diverse diaspora culture and cuisine of the Caribbean, The Caribbean Housewife takes you on a culinary journey to Lebanon, crafting a creative and delightful plant-based dinner that focuses on Arab influences within Caribbean cuisine. The dinner consists of five courses paired with fantastic wines from Heya.

The dinner event takes place in collaboration with wine distributor Akeed Vin.

Bookings for the Caribbean-Lebanese MashUP on Friday, August 23 are now open!