150,00 DKK275,00 DKK incl. moms

Our home-made passion fruit hot sauce. So good… Without additives, soy or other processed products!
ÔÇó 1 x 250 ml 150 kr
ÔÇó 2 x 250 ml 275 kr



No respectable Caribbean table is fully set without hot sauce. In the Dutch Antilles it’s called ‘pika’, which means ÔÇťpepperÔÇŁ in Papiamentu. Our signature hot sauce with passion fruit is off the charts!

Don’t be fooled by the playful colours. We use Madame Jeanette scotch bonnet peppers with a heat rating of 100.000ÔÇô350.000 Scoville units. You just need a teaspoon and then it adds a lovely heat to your dishes!


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