95,00 DKK incl. moms

Your admission ticket gives you:
* 1 free ESPRESSO MARTINI (virgin options available)
* 1 medium soup (value 75 kr)
* 50% of Siciliansk Is chocolate gelato

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Previous years SOUPTinder was sold out solid and a big success. So, we are throwing another event on Valentines Day February 14 between 18:00 and 20:00!

Our little soup bar is the perfect vortex for meeting and connecting with people from all over the globe. Everyone starts talking with each other easily, and we also have gained many new friends because of it.

This year CHOCOLATE KUSH is on the menu:
A jaw-dropping chocolate soup with coconut cream, chili ancho, and black salt. Topped with hazelnut, hemp seeds, edible flowers, CBD oil, vegan dulce de leche, and red chili.

Your cocktail of the night will be a kick-ass ESPRESSO MARTINI with Mexcian coffee liquer, tequila, agave, espresso, and creme de cacoa (there will be virgin options too).

The gelato guys from Siciliansk Is made an extra batch of chocolate gelato for us, so you can have that at 50% off for just 15kr per cup!

You don’t have to swipe, just show up and meet the great people who come to The Caribbean Housewife! You will make new friends, for sure.

You can read more about SOUPTinder here!

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