175,00 kr.250,00 kr. incl. moms

Order before Monday September 25 at 09:00
Pick-up same day between 15:00 – 19:00
(or by appointment after Monday September 25)
• 4 pupusa y curtido 350 kr – offer 250 kr
• 1 curtido jar 350 ml 250 kr – offer 175 kr


In Korea they have kimchi, in Germany sauerkraut, in France choucroute, and many Central / Eastern countries have their own versions. But, did you know that in Latin American countries like El Salvador they are addicted to their curtido? They love to eat it with pupusas. Curtido and Pupu-what?!
A pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish of a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a savory filling; in our case a lovely black bean filling topped with melted cheese (both vegetarian or vegan options available) and our home-made curtido.
Pupusas are also a popular dish in Honduras especially in southern regions. The tortilla is commonly handmade from masa de maíz (nixtamalized corn flour), filled and cooked on a comal (griddle). Pupusas were first created centuries ago by the Pipil tribes who inhabited the territory now known as El Salvador. Immigrants have brought the dish to most areas of the United States. Pupuserías also can be found in many areas of Canada. In recent years, pupusas can also be eaten in some Latin American restaurants in Australia. The Caribbean Housewife is the first one to bring it to you in Denmark.
Our curtido version contains cabbage, crunchy carrot, Caribbean sea salt, habanero chili, fresh ginger-lime juice, and a hint of vanilla. It is completely vegan: no fish sauce, plus gluten and lactose free. Also no onion or garlic, so it is easier on the stomach. This dish contains the perfect natural probiotics that can help you stay healthy throughout all seasons, especially autumn and winter. You can order the curtido with the pupusas, but it is also available in a jar, so you can eat it anytime at home.



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