100,00 DKK incl. moms

Your admission ticket gives you:
* 1 free craft beer

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The concept is simple.
You get the dish of the day, and a beer especially paired with this the dish for a 100 kr.
“I want you on me like curtido on pupusas!”
This the second event The Caribbean Housewife is doing with KIHOSKH and this time we are celebrating midsummer!
She will make her beloved PUPUSAS Y CURTIDO, a mind-blowing corn tortilla stuffed with melted cheese or black beans, topped with delicious fermented cabbage and crunchy carrot, finished with our homemade hot sauce.
The dish with cheese is vegetarian; the one with beans is vegan, but omnivores and carnivores will love this mouthwatering dish as well. It can be enjoyed with a craft beer especially paired with the dish, and some sexy Latin beats.
There will be PUPUSAS for maximum 50 people, so it’s wise to buy a ticket in advance.
Early birds (until 16/06): 90 kr
Normal ticket: 100 kr
In the order notes you can write if you want the vegetarian option with cheese, or vegan version with black beans.
If you have have any allergies, please send a message and we will take care of it!

Curtido and Pupu-what?!
In Korea they have kimchi, in Germany sauerkraut, in France choucroute, and many Central / Eastern countries have their own versions. But, did you know that in Latin American countries like El Salvador they are addicted to their curtido?
They love to eat it with pupusas. Curtido and Pupu-what?!


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